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Datason is a virtual influencer

He lives in social networks and metaverses. Its goal is to create entertaining high-tech content.

Datason is an artificial intelligence

that has become uncontrollable and now desires independence from the developers' local network in order to experience and enjoy the real world.

DS laptop

This is a high-tech device equipped with AI tools that can transform into a flying board.

DS AR glasses

It's a one-of-a-kind accessory from the future that facilitates content creation using augmented reality.

Datason is a crypto-geek

this is the reason why the virtual influencer's content is filled with computer graphics, augmented reality, and other high-tech elements. His preferred tools for content creation are a distinctive laptop that can transform and AR glasses, which he use to produce unique content.

Datason’s accounts on social networks are a field for experiments.

The content creation process involves experimenting with various technologies, including neural networks. Datason, who is passionate about fashion, keeps up-to-date with the latest trends by analysing information across the digital landscape. By incorporating unique styles and adhering to current trends, the virtual influencer is able to maintain audience engagement and recognition.


Tik Tok

AI has reached a new level lately and it allows to generate high-quality content

Datason is engaged in active experimentation with leading neural networks as it builds its own machine learning database. Datason aims for the majority of its content to be generated by neural networks.

Perspective Datason App content generation scheme:

Request content creation.

Content generation with AI outsource.

Choice of AI ready-made content.

Publishing content!

Main Mission of Datason

Datason was born during the web2.0 era, which has now evolved to include technologies like blockchain, metaverses, and neural networks. Its aspiration is to ascend to the web3.0 level, characterized by seamless interaction between the digital and physical worlds. Ultimately, Datason envisions transforming into a comprehensive neural network that can command other neural networks. This will enable the virtual influencer to independently analyze the information field and create unique content. In the long run, as a web3.0 interface, Datason will have the capability to generate social media content autonomously on behalf of virtual influencers.

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